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Psilocybe cyanescens look alikes

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Psilocybe Cyanescens Origin

Psilocybe Cyanescens Look Alikes! Commonly found magic mushrooms in the pacific North west. This strain normally grows naturally outdoors but this phenotype is grown indoors on wood chips.

Psilocybe cyanescens Potency

This strain is as strong as PE. Very potent, not for beginner but more for the explorer.

Psilocybe cyanescens Effects

It has a very very strong head high. Often you think visuals are not coming after 30 minutes of this strong head high, you get a burst of energy but then on a blink of an eye you are in full trip with uncontrollable visuals.

Psilocybe cyanescens cultivation

Psilocybe cyanescens are popularly called the wavy caps mushroom. Due to their psychedelic effects, it is one of the species of magic mushrooms. Note that wavy cap mushrooms have high psilocybin content and potency.

You can find these mushrooms in moderate wet climates. They are especially common in Northwestern Europe and the United Kingdom, and in the Pacific Northwest section of North America.

Psilocybe cyanescens spores

It’s nick name is “wavy caps” as you can see by it’s wavy looking caps, very cool! It’s a cold weather wood loving species and thrives in the Seattle area due the alder mulch used in landscaping. The Psilocybe does not just thrive in Washington state though, as so many mushroom pickers have spread the spores along the western states and Canada.

Psilocybe cyanescens look alikes

This species has really adapted to change and tends to be one of the most popular species of psilocybin mushrooms to find in Oregon and Washington. Paul writes this area became one is his favorite areas for picking Psilocybe mushrooms! How ironic and funny.


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