Cheetos Puffs with real Cheese Edible 600 MG THC


Must be 19+ to purchase


600 mg THC per package

WARNING: EXTREMELY POTENT. Proceed with caution.

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Cheetos With Real Cheese Edible 600 MG THC

Cheetos Puffs Cheese Edible 600MG THC Litables edibles. All Dr Logan’s Pharmaceuticals edibles are delicately dosed with their respectful amount of THC of the highest-grade cannabis products to ensure the best possible experience. Whether you’re at a gathering with your closest buds or just chilling looking for a nice time, our gummies are the perfect fit to make your time unforgettable.

Edibles are different than consuming cannabis through smoking or vaping as ingesting the product takes more time and can result with a more intense high. THC edibles usually have an effect of 2 to 4 hours depending on how many are consumed; we advise everyone to start off slow and work their way to their desired dosage.

Medicated Cheetos Puffs Cheese 600MG THC

Yes, that is right, Hot Cheetos Puffs Edible 600 MG THC chips are now available in San Francisco! Cheetos THC bag of chips is a flavourful snack that will get you HIGH!

Each bag of THC Chips contain 600 mg of THC. Do not get caught up eating the whole bag. Dose according to your experience and limit yourself (we know it may be hard) to the proper dosage. Medicated Cheetos Puffs Edibles are bursting full of flavour like the original but with an extra cannabis kick! Wait an hour or two after ingestion before increasing your dose.

Novelty aside, these THC Doritos Chips really make for a dank edible that you will not easily find anywhere else.


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