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Ever Tried Live Resin Edibles Before???

Crave Mega Potent Live Resin Edibles are ridiculously potent and tastes amazing! Feel the benefits of live resin gummies with a super clean high and yummy taste. First off, what’s great about these is that they have pop rocks infused in them to give an amazing sound and texture. Second, you will definitely feel the super clean high of live resin dropped into these gummies. Lastly, each pack comes with 10 pieces at 100 Mg of live resin per piece for a total of 1000 Mg per box. Try something different with these Pop Rock gummies!! Available in seven great flavors!

How much should I take of these live resin edibles per sitting?

We suggest that a patient start off with one piece of these Crave Mega Potent Live Resin Edibles. We caution not to take more than one unless you are used to taking edibles. Crave and their products are known to be very potent so please consume with caution.

Available in seven amazing flavors!

  • Orange Push Pops
  • Citrus Kush
  • Lime OG
  • Strawberry OG
  • Blue Haze
  • Watermelon OG
  • Purple Passion OG
  • Black Truffle OG
  • Ghostly Ganja

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