Pomelo Cookies


26% THC
0.02% CBD



Shop Pomelo Cookies Online Where to Buy Pomelo Cookies Order Pomelo Cookies Online Buy Pomelo Cookies Online Pomelo Cookies is a rare slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa) created as a unique phenotype of the infamous Girl Scout?Cookies?strain. This hard-hitting bud packs a super unique flavor and high?THC?level into each and every toke. Pomelo Cookies for Sale

Cookies is one of the more well-known producers in California, but many of their genetics remain a mystery. Cereal Milk is one of those reclusive strains that people seem to love. A decadent strain name paired with frosty photogenic qualities and Cookies brand hype has grabbed many people?s attention.Buy Pomelo Cookies Online

Outside of Cookies HQ, nobody really knows what Sticky Buns genetics are. A lot of different sources speculate that it?s a Sunset?Sherbet?cross of some kind, but it?s hard to verify. What isn?t hard to verify is the strain?s eye-catching looks.Buy Pomelo Cookies Online

It has dense elongated buds with deep purple highlights and trichomes that practically drip off the leaves.Order Pomelo Cookies Online

While I?ve never tried the 75th phenotype, I have tried the 53rd and it was a hitter. It?s berry pine terpene profile, beautiful purple buds and focused?indica-hybrid effects gave it a 9.3 rating. London Pound Cake cannabis genetics are robust enough to produce multiple coveted phenotypes. Order Pomelo Cookies Online

Shop Pomelo Cookies Online


4 packs ( 1/2 Oz ), 8 packs ( Oz ), Qp, Hp, 1 Pound


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